Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I pray for success in MUET

In an arranged marriage, the choice of a husband or wife is made by parents or elders. What do you think of this practise in today’s society? Discuss

Our society is seriously matters related to marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people, namely men and women. Marriage is like a voyage of a journey anchored by two of the men's and women's browser. In arranged marriage, the husband or wife will be chosen by the parents is considered an ancient practice, but there are a handful of our community who practice charity. In contrast, at present, choice is a priority of the present generation.

In my opinion, the practice of live chose pairs arranged by parents is the lack of practice accepted by the present generation. This is because the current generation prefers to install their own choosing. For example, the previous generation of conservative thinking and more interested in taboos of their ancestors. In the present context, our generation is more open thinking and the opportunity to put to determine who will be friends till the end of life alive. In addition, the current generation of competent and wise in choosing a pair of life because they are looking at the future and to assess the good or the bad behavior of each pair. Therefore, I suggest to add the current generation of knowledge about marriage in order to get a good match.

Hence, we are not aware that we are not a match is determined by the parents but also determined by the relatives and friends and the community. If we have a boyfriend or girlfriend is sure we will be introducing him to people we know. The closest model is that if we are introducing us to a pair of friends, surely they will give advice or criticism that is useful to us in selecting a suitable partner with our souls. This is because of acquaintances or close friends certainly understand and recognize the behavior or habits we are or not with our spouse is. Therefore, indirect friends also play a role in helping us select a mate.

Later, the practice of marriage is designed by the family must have received the blessing and said to live happily until the end of life. I also agree with the match arranged by the family. This is because the parents who raised us right from small to mature and to find the money themselves. In this case, the consent and parental consent is important in ensuring the happiness in the household. For example, ensuring parents want the best for their children. Therefore, they must be choosing the appropriate pairs, and a good relationship with the relatives. This is because they are concerned about the dignity of the family in society and certainly would not choose a spouse who does not fit with us.

In conclusion, we have freedom in choosing a mate. This is because today's society no longer restrict our desire to marry as long as according to established regulations and does not conflict with the norms of life today. What can I deduce about my opinion is that our partner can be determined by the self, community, and family. So, think carefully in choosing our life partner.